Monthly Archives: January 2016

Running for Rory

Last year was the most challenging year of my life after losing our son Rory in May at 36 weeks.  Since losing Rory my wife and I have received and will continue to receive lots of support and comfort from our local SANDs group.


Attending these groups gives us a forum to discuss our emotions and feelings without any fear of being judged.  From speaking to other bereaved parents it made us realise that our feelings are ‘normal’ and that we are not going losing the plot.  


We have met so many strong and amazing people who have given us advice and much needed support, who gives us hope that things will get slightly easier in the future.


At the hospital after Rory was delivered I made a promise to him that I will make him proud of his Daddy.  As part of that promise I wanted to undertake different challenges in memory of him and to help raise awareness about stillbirth and babyloss.


The first challenge I wanted to do was complete another marathon and raise money for SANDs.  I really wanted to participate in the London Marathon but I failed to get a ballot place.  I then contacted SAND’s and applied for one of their gold places, but sadly I wasn’t selected.


Hardly any of my running friends got a place for the London either and then talk begun about doing a different marathon instead.  Antwerp was one of the races suggested and it sounded like a good idea. 


After a little research, we booked our hotel for the weekend and our eurostar tickets.  Just recently I entered and booked my marathon place and have registered the event with SANDs.  


So it is now official, I will be running the Antwerp Marathon on 17th April 2016 in support of SANDs.  Let the training commence!!!  If you wish to sponsor me, please visit my just giving page