A message from Rory?

To some people, Butterflies have a spiritual meaning and they may believe that they are a sign from loved ones who have passed.


On the Day of Rory’s funeral, just after he had been laid to rest, we all saw a tiny blue butterfly fluttering around the cemetery.  Could this been a message from Rory?

Then after we returned home from Rory’s funeral my wife and I both saw a tiny blue butterfly fluttering around outside the front of our flat and outside the window of what would have been Rory’s room.  Could that be a coincidence?


Since that day we have had a few quick sightings of blue butterflies, but nothing significant.


Last weekend myself and my wife gave Rory’s garden a makeover.  We took everything off and cleaned everything up.  I then added 3 bags of topsoil and planted some plants that we bought from the garden center in that afternoon.  It took a lot longer than we thought and we were still at the cemetery at closing time on the Saturday evening, so we had to leave rest until the Sunday.


On the Sunday we were putting the finishing touches to his garden and then a blue butterfly landed on the garden and seem to sit there for a few minutes.  It then fluttered around and kept landing on many different areas of Rory’s garden. Was this Rory saying that he likes he garden?   

Are these messages from Rory, maybe or maybe not, or maybe that are they just coincidences?  Either way, every time we see a blue butterfly we will always think of our angel Rory.


3 thoughts on “A message from Rory?

  1. thelegacyofleo

    Rory’s garden looks lovely! So much love has gone into that. Little things like this happen to us and whilst I’m not a “believer” of the more traditional sense, I quite quickly decided that believing in them was no harm to anyone. Keep hunting butterflies, we are the same with robins and I have never seen so many before (and naively thought they were winter only birds before!) xx

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  2. blueroses99

    I keep seeing white butterflies, the first one on the day that my son Jovan was born asleep, so I do believe that he is around us when I see them xx

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  3. katvt

    I like to believe Elise sends us messages. Maybe it’s coincidence, maybe not. But I don’t see any harm in letting the thought warm your heart and let think of your beautiful Rory.



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